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Expanded Arbor Medicus 2013

A global medical community, designed to bring together patients and doctors, through an innovative artificial intelligence program. Patients can take their detailed medical history, using an interactive video nurse, utilizing algorithms which simulate the thinking of the medical mind. Physicians can interact with the system and drive the system with their diagnoses and recommendations. Linked to the physician section are continuing educational modules.

Lily's Mom, a feature length drama about self advocacy in healthcare.

IMDB Listing . Released August 2011.

The New Medical Guardian Electronic Medical Record (2010- present)

Proprietary EMR which is integrated to the Arbor Medicus system

Approaching Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Primary Care (2009)

In cooperation with nationally acclaimed sleep experts, we utilized our latest generation Flobase engine to create a cognitive and experiential learning project with exciting clinical simulation dramatizations. In addition the the CME experience, the physician learner's scores are being correlated with actual patient outcomes obtained in the Arbor Medicus online medical history taking system.


 Managing the Migraine Patient (2008)

Combining the expertise of the Michigan Headache Clinic and the Diamond Headache Clinic, IVT produced an interactive learning program which incorporated the footage from a feature film. The project employed key information from the Migraine Communication Study and used dramatization to fulfill its cognitive as well as affective objectives.


Managing the Patient with Headache (2007)

Module 1 and 2: Diagnosis and Management of the Complex Headache Patient

This was an online physician education program accredited by ACCME as well as AAFP. It is unique for its use of the FloBase Learning Model™ to personalize the learning experience to the physician's individual learning style, cognitive style and performance in the video patient simulations. The imbedded lecture material is determined by the learner's individual needs and utilizes evidence-based educational technology which matches the physician's profile. The program also creates patient simulation scenarios which show the consequences of the learner's choices, good or bad. The learner is able to configure the experience to their own personal preferences and receives a summary printout with points to review, based on their performance in the simulations. The users will be tested a few months following their experience to determine retention and impact on their clinical practice. These programs were released on August 1, 2006 and December 2006, respectively.


Your Headaches Defined (present day)

Your Headache Defined is an online program which we developed to assist headache sufferers better describe themselves to their doctors. A simple "friendly nurse" video interacts with the user and asks questions which continually alter a diagnostic line of inquiry with each response. The program content was overseen by neurologists at the Michigan Headache Treatment Network and the Headache Clinic at Harvard University. The logic incorporates 150 pages of clinical guidelines and thousands of different steps through a complex algorithm, invisible to the user.

After surprisingly few questions, the user is given an organized medical history printout which incorporates the key information needed to classify their headaches and possibly match one or more of 50 possible primary headache diagnoses. This is a patient empowerment tool as well as a precise research instrument.

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Life And Migraine Documentary (2006)

IVT produced the 60 minute documentary, "Life and Migraine" for public television release, released to DVD distribution in January 2006. The documentary combines a dramatic fictional account as well as revealing interviews of 13 headache sufferers as they recount their stories of pain, misunderstanding, and, ultimately, hope. "Life and Migraine," artistically explores the means in which chronic headache has affected the lives of millions of men and women.

The film was a Festival Choice at the Kansas International Film Festival in 2005 and was the recipient of the Media Excellence Award from the National Headache Foundation in 2006. The film has also been endorsed by the American Headache Society and the World Headache Alliance. It is listed in the Internet Movie Database.

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Interactive Video Learning Module for the Texas Academy of Family Physicians (2005)

This was the first time the FloBase® interactive learning system was used for large national physician education. IVT engaged 2 migraine content experts and constructed a learning experience based on the trainee's demographics, training, specialty and their performance on a brief pretest. The result was a customized streaming video lecture and the participants each earned 1 Category I AMA continuing education credit. The data obtained from the participants gave insight into the educational needs of diverse physician groups.


Headache Survival Guide (2005)

This is an automated learning experience for the headache sufferer, who is able to specify what they want to learn and the program then creates a custom streaming video presentation just for them and runs it on the web site. This was created through a pharmaceutical manufacturer grant. In order to draw viewers, we also produce the television commercials used to bring people to this useful site.

Michigan Headache Clinic (ongoing)

IVT was asked to provide a truly interactive guide to this clinic. We applied the FloBase® engine to take a prospective patient through the clinic, based on what they want to see, while gathering important demographic information about the visitor. This is a dynamic way for people to learn about the clinic.



We developed the Medical Guardian™ as an automated system for managing the patient population of a clinic. It may well be one of the longest running office EMR’s in existence. It went into clinical use in 1983. Early in its development, we decided to isolate the financial functions of a practice from the clinical operations, so the program has always been a pure clinical tool. As the sophistication of hardware, software, networking and the Internet evolved, so did the Medical Guardian system. In recent years, it has been using an integrated version of the FloBase® engine for patient interrogation and education. It is a management system for the total patient population as a whole, as well as a management system for the individual patient.











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